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New photos from 07.12.2011 Nürnberg/D

(Stille Nacht - Meistersingerhalle)



New photos from 04.12.2011 München/D

(Stille Nacht - Kleine Olympiahalle)



New photos from 03.12.2011 Regensburg/D

(Stille Nacht - Auditorium Maximum)



New photos from 10.09.2011 Praha/CZ

(Elfenthal - P.M.Club)


We wish you everybody very happy Christmas, lots of health, luck and happiness. Enjoy those holy days. God bless you all.

This year meant again so much for us. It wasn't as intensive as the last one but somehow it was MAGIC. We are very proud again that we had a chance to
co-operate in the organising and management of all those concerts in Czech Republic and even in Slovakia. It was a special feeling to bring Kathy to the slovakian audience with something new - folclore band.:)
This way I would like to thank to some important people who were involved to this all:

Special thanks to Barbara for bringing the positive energy into my heart. And especially for staying so cool (even she was 6 months out of CZ in USA) and tuned. My deepest respect for you, my dearest friend. Love ya.

Special thanks to Betty and
Kathy for being the best merchandise sellers on our events.
Special thanks to Veronika for staying so cool and bringing the power, energy and good mood into our team. USA forever!!!

Special thanks to Evelyna and
Dominika for giving us the most important things which were needed to bring the show into the public.
Special thanks to Jos for the nice catering.:)
Special thanks to Lenka for managing a roof under our heads and for bringing us the best light man we could ever wish.
Big thanks to all the STREETTEAMERS for promoting our concerts. You did a lot of work.:)
Last but not least...The most special thanks to the dearest person in the world, to my love, heart and soul Klára for giving me the power and her love. I love you forever, my dearets angel...

I'm also very thankful to those people: The choir Lumír from Brno, the folklore band Matičiar from Čakajovce, and last but not least...BIG THAKS to YOU, because YOU are the most important factor of it all!!!
Oh, I almost forgot...Very very special thanks to Mrs.  Kathy Kelly  for...just everything!

Big big big thanks to all of you, guys.Without you we would never have made it. You rule, guys. Thanks for your support, thanks for attending our actions, all the Kelly solo concerts in Czech Republic.
With lots of love, God's blessings and my deepest admiration




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