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A newsletter from Patricia:

Dear everyone,

Sunday morning! I love weekends with Denis and our boys, breakfast, and then we go to mass. I begin this letter to you on our big old-fashioned country table in the kitchen.
Somehow, we are always in the kitchen, everything happens here. Family gatherings, birthdays, baptism and communion celebrations, arguments, laughters, secrets are told, and even gossips … If only tables could speak…

Now down to business.
There are a few points I would like to inform you all about. Since we are trying step by step to meet your requirements (not easy!)…

The photo gallery is online since day before yesterday, as some of you have already noticed. Click on “Nowadays” and you can see some new photos of me from a church tour. Hope you like them. There is a few new photographs from my last photo session this June on the category “Solo project”. I anticipate already emails from you with questions, who is this guy next to me and Peter on the third photo. It is Benito, the assistant of Thomas Stachelhaus, our photographer.
Of course, I have still some other photographs of that session you haven’t seen yet. But I am not going to give you all the goodies at once. Yes, I can be mean .
The category “Early days” is on the makes, get ready…

I am working on the biography. I never did it in my entire life. What a horror, wish me good luck.

Concerning Bar Celona tour.
Some of you were disappointed that the concert dates were all during the week. I can understand, that many of you have to work. I am terribly sorry. Since Bar Celona locations are already full on the weekends, it was decided to take dates in the middle of the week to be able to receive the extra public coming for the concert. Please understand.
I am very thankful to the team of Bar Celona and Eventworks for this tour, I am really looking forward.
As mentioned in the previous newsletter, this is a not a normal concert. Nearly half of a time there will be instrumental music by Peter and band. Here is a programm:
35 Min. - Jazz Standards (instrumental music)
45 Min. - Patricia Kelly und Band
In the end Autographs and Photos

I will be singing a few new standard jazz songs.

Some of you asked what time the concerts will be: 20 o’clock always.
Concerts take place always in the Bar Celona location (address you can find on with exception of Essen and Nürnberg (Finca). Next days we will put full addresses on homepage to avoid misunderstandings.

A little surprise! I have my first poster! You can buy it already nowin my online shop. It is A1 format (84 cm x 59,4 cm). The price is 5 Euros. It will be sent out folded, so please understand. I hope you like it!
Poster also available on tour.

The Maxi-CD is finished! These are the songs:
- Diamond ring (4:03 min)
- New room (5:12 min)
- Little body (6:40 min)
- Put on the light (4:15 min)

The name of the CD is “A new room”, it has over 20 min. of music. The price is 10 Euro.
For me it was important to have high musical and recording quality.
There is a little booklet of 8 pages with lyrics of the songs and few photographs.

The Maxi-CD will be available in the Bar Celona locations as of beginning of September till the middle of October, where you can buy it any day in the cash desk area. If you want to buy it, just come to Bar Celona. Important: IT IS ONLY AVAILABLE AT 11 CELONA LOCATIONS WHERE I WILL BE SINGING: Essen (Finca), Wuppertal, Paderborn, Gütersloh, Nürnberg (Finca), Hagen, Siegen, Oldenburg, Wilhelmshaven, Bremen, Wolfsburg.

One week after sales start in Bar Celona the Maxi-CD will be also available through my online shop.

Concrete launching date I will communicate next Sunday.

“A new room” will not be available in the normal CD stores.

That’s it, everyone. We will keep you updated. I hope many of you come to my concerts. I am already nervous. If you have any open questions just write it to

Thank you very much, God bless you,

Patricia Kelly

A newsletter from Maite:
Dear friends, I have received some letters of some of you expressing the difficulty for some of you to afford the ticket price for my benefit party in Gymnich. Be sure that I too have felt concerned in trying to keep the prices down as much as possible and so all the more do I feel very sorry for those that cannot afford coming. Be sure we will keep you in our hearts on that evening and I thank you for your thoughts and concerns in this matter. Let me explain my intention in all of this and how we have tried all to make it possible for everyone to come.

First of all the students of Togo are personally coming with Patter Etienne. As they are doing a little European tour with concerts in France, Holland and Belgium they asked me, if I could organise something. I had the intention to take it a bit easier this summer but I said yes. With that there were no ticket prices for the planes however with that there was not enough time to get the same service and hall as last year. We asked the Castle Gymnich and they proposed to give us the tent for free. However we will have to take care of the rest. We will have to take all the drinks and food cost on our own. So we decided to make this a benefit party. I don’t think we would have been able to make food for 250 people nor would I think it would have tasted good.

We surprisingly have gotten some really great tombola prizes like two Walden guitars, some handmade wedding hats, jewellery and much more prizes and thanks to many small voluntary help we are able to make this whole thing happen at all.

We will have all the help from friends and they will be sleeping at my home as to avoid hotel costs, as too make it possible that only costs like drinks and fruits are at stake so that we can make as much purely beneficial for the project as possible. Be sure we will keep you updated with the sum that we come up with for this project – that’s a promise. I thank you for your trust and you can be sure I will do my best to honour it.

I am very thankful to all those who take the time and effort in coming and I look forward to these intimate evenings. I look forward to singing with my friends from Togo and sharing with you first handed the joy and happiness I was able to experience with them.
All My Love Maite Kelly


A newsletter from Jimmy:

Dear Friends,

I really look forward to being on the road again with the forthcoming "Roots"-Tour an to having great concerts with you all..

As you may know, our second daughter Máire was born in may. We are a happy Family. But unfortunately Máire has a little surgery in october. Don't be afraid, there's nothing to worry. But I have to take care of my family these days, so I have to rescedule the first five gigs.

This affects Münster, Itzehoe, Bielefeld, Kiel and Marburg. The new dates can be found on under "tour" as well as at the end of this news.

All tickets already bought remain valid. Please excuse all inconveniences.


I look forward to seeing you.

All the best,

Jimmy Kelly


The new tour scedule:

24.10.08 HANNOVER, ballhoffoyer
25.10.08 OLDENBURG, amadeus
26.10.08 OSNABRÜCK, rosenhof
27.10.08 MARBURG, waggonhalle !!NEW TERMIN!!
31.10.08 KASSEL, schlachthof
01.11.08 BERLIN, die wabe
06.11.08 AUGSBURG, reesetheater
07.11.08 INGOLSTADT, paradox
08.11.08 BAMBERG, haas-säle
09.11.08 HALLE, objekt 5
13.11.08 MÜNSTER, sinn & sünde !!NEW TERMIN!!
14.11.08 HUSUM, speicher
20.11.08 ULM, roxy
27.11.08 PADERBORN, kulturwerkstatt
28.11.08 AHAUS, logo
29.11.08 AHLEN, schuhfabrik
30.11.08 LÜDENSCHEID, alte druckerei
04.12.08 FULDA, kulturkeller
06.12.08 COTTBUS, weltspiegel
10.12.08 KIEL, hansa 38 !!NEW TERMIN!!
11.12.08 SCHWERIN, speicher
13.12.08 ITZEHOE, kulturhof !!NEW TERMIN!!
14.12.08 BIELEFELD, bunker ulmenwall !!NEW TERMIN!!


THE TRAVELLER Solo And Acoustic Tour:
From today (13:00) will be the tickets for Angelo's concert in Prague 24.01.2009 available.
You can get them at the cash desk of the theatre (Divadlo U Hasičů, Římská 45, 120 00 Praha2)

Here can you find more infos:


Bar Celona Tour:

Patricia 03.09.200 D-Essen
Patricia 04.09.2008 D-Wuppertal
Patricia 16.09.2008 D-Nürnberg / Finca
Patricia 18.09.2008 D-Siegen
The concerts in Oldenburg and Wilhelmshaven are moved to 08.10.2008 and 09.10.2008!!!

Here can you find more infos:


We have a winner!!!

..::Kelly contest 5::..

More photos from Medjugorje:




Here can you see the video of Angelo's "Q & A - 08.08.2008":

Click on the picture to see the video 

Here can you watch a video of Paddy's appearance from 04.08.2008 in Medjugorje:

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Maite's concerts 03.10.2008 D-Heidelberg and 04.10.2008 D-Nidderau

Here can you find more infos:

Here can you watch an interview with Jimmy from 01.08.2008 in Wismar:

Click on the picture to see the video

Photo from 05.08.2008 Medjugorje:



THE TRAVELLER Solo And Acoustic Tour:

Angelo 30.01.2009 SLO-Ljubljana / Mini Theater
Angelo 05.03.2009 D-Koblenz / Theater Konradhau

Here can you find more infos:

 Here can you find a report and videos of Paddy's talk from 05.08.2008:


More photos from Medjugorje:





Youth festival:

Paddy 05.08.2008 BIH-Medjugorje

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Paddy Kelly (John Paul Mary) had a talk and
sang a song
Thanking Ble
ssed Mary already on 04.08.2008.
The video
s will be soon on Kathtube!!!



Kugelmenschen - Wintertraum:

Kathy 08.11.2008 D-Witten / KaffeeHaus Witten

Here can you find more infos:


Kathy Solo Tour 2008:

Kathy 21.11.2008 NL-Lochem / St. Gudula Kerk
Kathy 22.11.2008 NL-Harlingen / De Grote Kerk
Kathy 23.11.2008 NL-Groningen / De Lutherse Kerk

Here can you find more infos:

..::Kelly contest 5::..

You can vote for the best picture of the Kelly contest 5!!!
The voting will last till 09.08.2008!!! Then the winners will be announced.

All the common infos to the news and articles will be signed as INFO1, INFO2, INFO3...under the announcement.